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When your business grows, you need to stay updated with the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition. You don’t want old telephone systems to keep you back and leave an impression on clients. Many companies do everything right but forget to update their telecom equipment. So, it is better to sell used telecom equipment, and this article will cover the reasons.

Here is how

#1. Old phone systems cost too much

Old used phone systems could cost much with the on-site equipment, maintenance, new phone lines, and international calls. Your phone bill may be unpredictable. And in the long run, it will be expensive for your company. The solution for this problem is switching to VoIP is easier and cost-saving.

You can save up to 60% of your cost by switching to a cloud phone system. There are advantages such as unlimited free local and low-cost international calls, saving on hardware, minimal fees for adding new phone lines, and a user-friendly dashboard.

#2. The same old features are hurting your business

It is 2022, and technology is evolving every year at a rapid pace. The telephone systems that used to serve the purpose in 2020-2021 might not handle the technological aspects of 2022. You need the latest features in your telephone systems. Here are some must-have features to have in your business phone system:

  • Video conferencing.
  • Multiple call-queues.
  • Call-auto attendant.
  • Desktop connection.

 When your telecom equipment is missing all the above features, you have to upgrade it, or else your business will suffer.

#3. Your business is growing or relocating

Is your company growing fast and relocating to a new location? If the answer is yes, using the traditional phone systems is not the right choice. You can have problems moving and setting up your old system to a new location. The problems you will face while migrating existing old phone systems:

  • You will need a dedicated space for all your traditional phone systems.
  • You need to add new phone lines resulting in extra cost.

VoIP is a better solution as it requires less space than traditional phone systems setup, and adding new phone lines is less expensive. So, replacing your phone system is the right move when relocating your office.

#4. Traditional phone systems are vulnerable to outages

Old telephone systems are prone to failure because of aging equipment, outdated infrastructure, and natural calamities. These outages are physically expensive and also lead to lost sales and even damage your brand reputation in the long run. So when you upgrade your phone system to a cloud phone system, there will be no more outages, no more broken phone lines. Your business will be up 24/7, and you will have happy customers.

#5. Your old phone system is obsolete

The traditional phone systems are expensive to maintain, and they rely on technology that will go out of business. Every time a part fails, it will get harder to find replacement parts and a professional technician who can fix it.

There is more limitation to old telephone systems to add new technology solutions. They won’t be compatible and result in issues for your company. It will make your process limited. Want to add new fancy features or collaboration tools to the setup? Consider upgrading the phone system and take the maximum benefits out of it.

#6. Traditional phone systems cannot support remote employees

Most of the companies prefer remote work. Is your company one of them? Don’t let old phone systems hold you back. They have lots of limitations, and employees won’t work smoothly.

It is not easy to move phone lines and change phone numbers for employees. VoIP is flexible, and everything gets managed in the cloud. Therefore, removing the need to stay connected with physical lines. It helps to upgrade your entire workforce making them more focused and productive.

#7. Lots of dropped/missed calls

Dropped calls are the worst and can lead to losing the customer base. Many companies who ignore the issue of dropped calls are the ones who suffer in the long run. Repeated dropped calls are frustrating for clients and leave a negative impression. There are chances that the customer won’t connect in the same way and might not call back.

#8. The maze of the menu is irritating

When a client calls regarding any business proposal, they want to talk to a designated person. But when they have to go through a complex menu, it is easier for them to make a mistake. Going through the menu every time you call is a bit of a time-consuming process. So, old telephone systems with confusing menu options can be a reason for the customers to hang up the call.

#9. Harder for employees to use

To perform simple tasks like conference calls, employees must use a manual. It will be difficult for a newcomer to use the features of a telephone system. It can be tough to transfer a call without losing it in some systems. Employees will use your phone system less if it is difficult to use.

#10. Old telephone systems have security issues

Traditional phone systems that use audio signals to transmit calls are always at risk of being intercepted by hackers. So, by using VoIP, companies benefit from higher security, reliability, and privacy. Cloud phone systems adhere to the most stringent security requirements. Don’t put security on the back burner for your phone system, and wait until it is too late.

Conclusion: Switch to New Phone Technology

When a company wants to upgrade to newer technology, it can’t rely on outdated telephone systems. So, it is better to sell used phones. VoIP is an excellent replacement for out-of-date telecommunications equipment. VoIP is ideal for video calls, conference calls, and much more.

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