The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is in constant change. What you know months ago may not be as effective with the current standard and requirements of search engines. But if you want to remain on top of the competition, you have to keep yourself updated about these things.

Increasing website traffic is one thing, being consistently on top of the searches is another. If your goal is to both gain more visits while dominating the search results, one of the essential things you must understand is the ranking factors.

Through this post, you’ll learn about some of the most significant ranking factors you have to work on. Knowing these will help in the optimization of your website as well as taking over the searches. To get started, here are the top 5 elements you have to focus on.

On Page Elements

On page elements consist all the aspect of your website. From meta data, content down to the domain and HTML code, you have to ensure that these components are all set for crawling. Make sure that they are readable for both search bots and visitors, so they are recognizable by anyone. As for URLs and domains, it’s better if you stick with static format. It’ll be easier for people to remember and visit again in case they need your product or service again. Along with that, an optimized on page improves the loading speed of your website.

Backlink Submission

It’s not enough you have website, you also need to have backlinks. This is one of the cores of SEO and digital marketing. Now, in case you’re wondering what the purpose of backlinks is, it’s quite simple. It is a signal light which tells search engines that your website is trustworthy and there are sites/sources supporting that claim. For this, it’s not enough that you build and build links. You also have to ensure that you’re submitting your links to high authority sites.

Content Quality

Content is among the most significant ranking factor search engine look at. Without a good content, it’ll be hard to remain visible on search results. Since web crawlers can find anything on your website, it’s fairly impossible for them to figure out where to put you. When it comes to creating content, there are three things you have to keep in mind – uniqueness, relevancy and trustworthiness. According to Concinnity Limited, when you produce content around these you’ll instantly gain better standing on SERPs.


Another factor many people forget is the level of responsiveness of their website across all devices. Having visitors coming from both desktop and mobile, it’s necessary that your site’s structure would automatically adjust whatever view it is. Today, Google has been clear about the importance of mobile users. They’ve emphasized how valuable to have a mobile-friendly design. If you want to remain on the good side of search engines, it’s a must that you follow this basic rule.

These are just some of the most valuable ranking factors you should be aware of. Rather than constantly changing your tactics, it’s more effective to find out what are the proven methods to be at better position. This will allow you to make adjustment based on what pleases the search engines. It’ll ensure the success of your campaign and make you rank higher on SERPs.

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