Social media is the most influential source today. There are some people who believe no one but social media. Even companies and government sector widely use social media today to promote their schemes and offers. This much is the power of social media that it has attracted kids, teenagers and adults in equal way. So much that they trust these sources more than anyone else. Every thing has its own pros and cons. It is upon us how do we use the technology. Whether we control the technology and use it in a fruitful way or let the technology handle us. The health industry must be well aware of how to create engaging and informative content as well as target the right audience with right kind of plan. The company must also be knowing the company rules and regulations before trying to get into social media promotions. The proportion of people trying to get healthcare information from social media is increasing day by day. People who have done courses after MBBS such as MD and so on specialised courses can be appointed as health officers.

Below are discussed some benefits and key points that should be remembered while promoting healthcare tips on social media.

The very first point to be remembered is to promote reliable information on social media. As there are several people dependant on social media, the information available should be true and reliable. As the news travels fast and reaches a large audience, the news should be verified by the health officials properly and then only released for people. Mostly the news about infections, ebola, viruses and flus should not be spread if not true. These kind of news spread fear within the people and unnecessarily create chaos.

Secondly, it acts as a medium of communication. People are now short of time. They hardly have time to go through the newspaper or read detailed news or listen to causes and measures that can be taken to avoid certain diseases. However, surprisingly they have ample time to scroll their newsfeed for hours. Thus, it should be considered as a platform for communicating health care tips and ways to avoid such diseases or the cure to some spreading diseases. Again, this should be handled very carefully by professionals as it is regarding health. Any misinformation or misinterpretation of information can lead to deadly results. This won’t be a preferable situation for anyone.

Next, it makes monitoring health of public easier. People now a days have the tendency to share their life on social media platforms. They tend to write about their joys, sorrows and even illness on social media. A small #flu can let the health officers know about a disease cropping up in a certain part of the world. Health officers need to be very much careful and have continuous eye on such trends. This will help them monitor health of the population without travelling and needing to take data even about the smallest things. The questions that social media answers are even more scrutinized than that can be collected from collecting data. Also, the information collection would be quicker and action could be taken immediately without any wastage of time.

Social media helps people engage and know about topics that are private and might be embarrassing to talk about. To encourage people to take care of their sexual health and get tests done regularly. STDs is something that young people are embarrassed to get tested but are mostly affected by it. A video created by ASHA is an example of social awareness tried to spread about the seriousness of sexual health. It made sure that the youth were much more aware and get tested regularly. They also reported that people clicking for doctor’s appointment has increased to a great margin.

Effective health care, proper communication with the patient and diagnosis of the health is the factor that needs to be kept in mind while planning promoting activities in social media. Connecting the social media is an extremely easy task now. By sharing information on a single platform you can spread the news on different platforms and reach a large audience.


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