Outdated technology is a liability for your business, and it can do more harm than good. It can drastically reduce the team’s productivity and cause plenty of data failures. The technology is evolving quickly, and it is leaving. The perfect example is phone systems. They are essential for your business needs, and having outdated business phones hampers everything related to your business.

What to do with your current outdated business telecom equipment?

Is there a replacement out there?

Don’t worry, we have all the answers plus will highlight the signs that confirm your phone system is outdated.

Same old features hurting your business

Your telephone system is relevant in 2020 but that’s not always the case. If your business is going great, you need to have extra features to be at the top. But if you don’t have new-age features like video conferencing, multiple call queues at once, call auto-attendant in your existing phone systems. Then it’s a problem.

You need to know that your phone system is outdated and, if it can go on with it, your business will suffer.

High-maintenance/repair cost

A legacy phone system is outdated and is expensive to maintain. And when the systems get older, the replacement parts are difficult to find. Even the original manufactures won’t support the outdated phone system.

Even, if you will arrange the parts and everything else. It’s difficult to find the right person to solve the problem. The longer you are invested in obsolete phone systems, the more expensive it becomes.  After upgrading, you will get surprised at how much you could save.

Increase in dropped/missed calls

If you start missing important calls due to the old telephone system, then your customer satisfaction can take a hit. Calls getting disconnected regularly will hamper the brand value. When there is a dropped call, chances are your customer won’t call back, and if he does you need to initiate the conversation again.

Another problem when there are lots of voicemails coming in daily fills up the inbox. This leads to missing out on important voicemails.

Your business is growing/re-locating

When your business is moving to a new location, using a traditional phone system is not the right choice. Opening new offices become even more challenging if the communication system is outdated. It can be an expensive affair to relocate your telephone infrastructure. Replacing your old business telecom equipment is the only solution. The goal is to find a telephone system that can unify the communications and get administered from a single location.

Harder for employees to use

With older phone systems the employees have to go through a manual to perform simple tasks like conference calls. A newcomer will find it difficult to use features in a telephone system. In some systems, it’s difficult to transfer a call without losing it. The harder your phone system is to use, the fewer employees will use it.

Employees have to stay close to the phone system

Customers won’t call back whose calls are not answered. And some people don’t prefer to be tied to the office. There can be instances when the employees have to go outside for a meeting or a business trip. In this case, they will surely ‘miss’ those important calls. If this is the problem, then your phone system needs an upgrade.

Call routing problems

Limited call routing options leaves the customer frustrated. Navigating your callers through an endless maze of menus, putting them on hold for long periods can frustrate them. These problems are common in old telecom equipment. Your business phone system should customize call routing features and if it can’t then upgrading your telephone system is necessary.

What to do with your outdated business phones?

Selling your outdated telephone systems makes sense and you can get the maximum value for them. Rather than keeping them in your organization, listing them for auction is the ideal way. The other way is to recycle them, search ‘telecom recycling companies’ and there are plenty of options. Your outdated telecom equipment gets recycled and you get the value plus your data.

Make a switch to new Technologies

When a company is looking for migration to newer technology, they can’t depend on old telephone systems. VoIP is the ideal upgrade to outdated telecom equipment. VoIP offers video calls, conference calls with unlimited members and offers a wide range of services. The quality offered in VoIP is better than outdated telecom equipment. There is no call drop, missed calls, no waiting in queues, etc. There is no need behind your competitors by attempting to fit into outdated systems and don’t let your outdated phone system cost you money in the long run.

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