As Covid-19 has spread, so has our fear of surfaces, during the coronavirus outbreak, almost every business is suffering as all the offices are closed and employees are working from their homes. The number of cases is increasing rapidly which is leading to difficult times for everyone. As the offices are closed there is a lot of communication gap between the clients and employees, between the organization and their employees. But, all of us are in this together and the only solution is to stay at home and work from your home. Every company is supporting the move and also looking for a solution.

At this time of the hour, we all need migration to newer technology.

The solution to fill the gap between companies and employees is by replying to telephone systems. Telephone systems are the best way to stay in touch with your employees and with your clients too. Let’s see how the telephone system can be our best friend during this coronavirus outbreak.

Why does the telephone system be important for your business?

Telephone systems provide credibility

It’s important for businesses to maintain a reputation if they want to expand their business. This can be done with the help of a telephone system, by using them you will be more professional as there are lots of features present for customer service. You can forward the calls to different departments for a seamless transition to the business processes. A telephone system will help you to separate your business from other businesses that don’t use a telephone system.

Review and record employee calls

This feature helps the managers to check that the employees are communicating the right things to the clients. This is like a quality control and assessment system. This will also help to know your outstanding employees. This will also ensure that your clients are happy and they are satisfied with your services.

It eliminates the company’s monthly recurring expenses

If your business is using one or two phone lines and you are also looking for the voice messaging then you have to pay a monthly fee to access the voice messaging mailbox feature. A business with plenty of phone lines will have to pay a lot of money. Here, a telephone system will help you and you don’t have to pay any extra monthly fees.

As you can see how telephone systems can be effective for your business. But what if your telephone system is not suitable for remote working then what choices do you have? What if your telephone system is outdated or if the employees are not using it. Don’t worry there is always a solution.

Sell your used telephone equipment

You can sell used telephone equipment to various ITAD companies out there, who are willing to buy telephone equipment and you can recoup the maximum value for used IT assets. These telephone recycling companies will pick up your old phone system from your office and will give you a quote before finalizing the deal. It’s a win-win situation for businesses as there is no value of faulty or improper telephone systems. There are lots of companies that deal with the buying and selling of used telephone systems. Don’t worry this step is safe and all your data would be backed up and given to you before destroying your used telephone system. Just search for a telecom recycle company and hire them and they will do the rest.

What’s a better alternative for used telephone systems?

If you have sold your used telephone system and are looking for a replacement to get your business going, then the perfect solution is going for VoIP. How is VoIP the perfect replacement for your used telephone equipment, let’s see:

VoIP lower costs

The advantage of using VoIP will save you a lot of money. VoIP will take efficiency to a new level. As the companies will use the internet for calls then it will reduce the cost of the phone line together. And if your business makes international calls daily then VoIP is not a brainer, your calling costs would get reduced and in some cases, it’s equivalent as free.

You also get call routing as a feature

This feature works well when you miss an important call, then call routing will come to your rescue. With the help of this feature, the incoming call will get transferred to various devices of your choice. For example, if your office phone rings and you are not there, the same call will then ring on your smartphone and other devices going to the voicemail.

Conference calls are top-notch

With the technology of VoIP and conference calls, you can add as many people as you can in your conference call. The companies can also use video conferencing so that you can see your clients and colleagues in person.


In this coronavirus, work from home is the only solution and for that the companies are shifting towards telephone systems. They work best because they get the work done and also you will stay safe at your home. Telephone systems do provide the companies with an opportunity to stay in touch with their employees and their clients. If used properly then telephone systems can improve the efficiency of your business.

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