Every job comes with its fair share of stress, but running a business is one of the more mentally demanding career paths you can choose. One study found that more entrepreneurs stress about running their business than raising children! When you’re a business owner, it’s critical to find ways to manage stress so you can funnel your energy toward your business goals.

Here are some simple but effective ways to deal with the stress of running a business.

Take a Break

While taking a vacation may sound counterintuitive to growing your business, a little rest may be just what you need to hit the ground running with your new ideas. According to Business Insider, people who take vacations are healthier and happier than those who decide to work through their time off. Even a 24-hour break can help your mental health and energy levels!

If you’re hesitant about taking time away from your business, plan a short staycation close to home. There are several great ways to enjoy a vacation in your own city, like spending time with friends, trying touristy activities, and indulging your taste buds in local cuisine.

To get a little break from your home life, consider booking a place through a vacation rental platform. Many of these agencies ensure that all rentals are professionally cleaned before each guest arrives, have secure keyless entry, and include 24/7 local support so you can feel comfortable and secure during your stay. Simply search and filter by your date of stay and number of guests and select the rental that suits your needs.

Time is Money

Chances are that money and time are both sources of stress for your small business. When you get back to work, focus on time management. Knowing how to manage your time properly can help you reduce the stress that accompanies your tight schedule. Forbes recommends starting with a time audit. Track how much time you spend on everything for an entire week. You might just discover that you spend more time checking emails than you thought!

Once you know where your time is going, set a time limit for each task to avoid getting bogged down by distractions. Per Psychology Today, the trick to an effective to-do list is to go beyond what you need to do—write down when and where you will complete each task as well.

Also take steps to address budgetary concerns. Getting a good handle on your time is part of the equation, but if you’re spending too much, look for simple ways to staunch cash flow. American Express suggests looking at your supply and production costs first, and modernizing your marketing strategies. You may also be able to save during tax season by registering your business as an LLC which typically takes only five steps and can even be done by a formation service.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is a miracle cure for numerous physical and mental conditions. While it may not banish your stress completely, daily exercise can help you chase away tension and get a handle on anxiety-provoking thoughts. As Healthline explains, moderate aerobic exercises are great for stress. Try biking, swimming, brisk walking, or playing tennis to get your heart rate up and increase the production of feel-good endorphins in your brain.

It’s important to choose a form of physical activity that you enjoy. Rock climbing, hiking, rollerblading, gardening, and attending dance classes are fun hobbies that double as effective workouts.

Try Meditating

Meditating is another great way to relieve stress. Several successful business owners have incorporated some form of meditation into their daily routine. Like them, you too can benefit from meditation by dismissing negative thoughts and making better decisions.

There are lots of different ways to meditate, but if you’re a beginner, try sitting down with your eyes closed for five minutes. Breathe normally and focus on your breath. If you’re having trouble quieting your racing mind, try counting your breaths or repeat a single word or phrase in your head.  

When you’re feeling stressed all the time, you’re not operating at your peak performance. Stress zaps our energy, steals our productivity, and crushes our motivation. Tackle your stress now so you can give your business the dedication it deserves.

You can find more helpful business-related articles at Business Norms.

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