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Businesses far and wide were sidelined when the pandemic erupted, and now that some restrictions have been lifted, they are struggling to get back on track. On top of being shut down for months, there are several adaptations you need to make to accommodate reopening. How do you keep your business alive through it all—much less help it to grow?

If you’re getting back into the grind—or hoping to soon—Business Norms presents some answers to many of the questions plaguing today’s small business.

Rethinking Your Office

For health reasons, you might be rethinking your office environment. There are clever and efficient options available.

  • How can I keep my employees safe?

Learn about the latest CDC guidance for your industry.

  • What are my remote work office options?

Consider co-located, hybrid, or fully remote solutions.

  • How can we implement a social distancing policy in a small office?

You can try hybrid scheduling for your staff.

  • My team is working remotely now; how can we stay connected, efficient and productive?

Reinforce positive collaborative efforts through corporate culture, good communication, trust and accountability.

Embrace Ecommerce

The internet is the new Main Street. Look to your website for improved outreach and income.

  • I only have a brick-and-mortar; how do I get on the web?

This guide will walk you through establishing an ecommerce website.

  • What if my website is great but isn’t set up for ecommerce?

There are several ways to add ecommerce to a website.

  • How do I get my website noticed?

Hiring freelance SEO services can improve your ranking.

Boost Your Brick-and-Mortar

Your customers and staff are bound to be sensitive to an environment that isn’t ultra clean looking. Spruce things up without going broke.

  • How do I apply social distancing measures with furniture?

You can space out desks or tables using this tool.

  • What sort of cleaning is needed to keep my staff and customers safe?

Review cleaning recommendations with simple steps.

  • My business is scrubbed, but how do I ensure it sparkles?

Lighting improvements can pack a punch.

  • What if my paint needs a refresher?

Wall colors can make a cleaner impression.

If the pandemic created some dilemmas for your business, fear not. These resources have the answers you need.

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