During the post-covid scenario, there will be an increase in the number of acquisitions and mergers. A larger company will make a move and buy a smaller company. When there is a merger, it results in a surplus telecom equipment that is lying with no use.

This needs to be taken care of by the companies and most of them fail to manage the old telecom equipment. In this article, you will get to know the ways to manage your old telecom equipment during a merger:

#1. Know the actual number of surplus telecom equipment

Assess the number of telecom equipment your company has in the inventory. Maintain data by doing a full-scale audit of the company. You can take the help of technology, helping you to record the data about the equipment quickly. After you know which equipment is working or not, you get a clear picture of what to do with the equipment.

#2. Maintain the existing telecom equipment and re-use them

During the acquisition, the number of telecom equipment left behind could be a lot. In this case, it is better to use the existing equipment in your current company. Separate the equipment that is dead from the ones that require maintenance and separate the outdated telecom equipment

This option works when the maintenance cost is less of old telecom equipment. You need an expert to counter this problem. We at Telecom Recycle helps to evaluate the telecom equipment. During the inspection, we take utmost care of the telephone equipment, so you won’t lose any data.

#3. Sell used telecom equipment

This is another way to get rid of your old telecom equipment and get something in return. When you are clear about the condition of the equipment, the best way is to sell them. Your equipment will continue to lose market value with time. You need to search for a company that is willing to buy the old telecom equipment.

Selling your equipment can be a tedious process and many companies spend a lot of resources finding the right partner to sell their telecom equipment. Here are some pointers to consider before choosing a telecom recycling company:

  • Security of your data
  • The experience offered by the company
  • The price offered by the company
  • Telecom recycling should offer proper assessment and free pick and drop.

We take care of all the above-mentioned points. Our professionals provide the best recycling services for your telecom equipment. You can book your slot for our experts to perform the inspection. Our team will share the report after disposing of the telecom equipment.

#4. Recycling the surplus telecom equipment

Recycling the telecom equipment after the merger is another great option. Proper recycling is necessary if you are not able to sell your telecom equipment. There are ample recycling companies that promise to take care of the whole process at a low price. You need to keep in mind not to fall into any trap and risk leaking your secure data.

We, at Telecom Recycle, are committed to our clients and know the importance of data. We perform this via R2 standards that are authorized by the state with no landfill policy. We are experts in recycling and help to get the maximum value out of your telecom equipment.


We know that a merger can lead to a lot of problems for the existing company. So, here are the ways you can manage your surplus telecom equipment during a merger. The best scenario is to sell them to a verified telecom recycling company. They will handle all the process from recycling the equipment to safely dispose of the data.

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